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Welcome to the KISS 2.0 Project Website

This website is for the establishment and support of the 'Keep It Short and Simple (KISS 2.0)' project.

Several decades ago the phrase 'Keep It Simple Stupid' was coined by Clarence Johnson, a renowned aeronautical engineer. This was a good phrase and makes a lot of sense. However, it is only half complete and I don't care for the use of the word 'stupid'.

Several years ago I modified the phrase and coined the 2.0 version, 'Keep it Short and Simple'. In my professional life I follow this principle and it has contributed to my success. As an instructor I teach and have taught this concept in several courses. I am a strong believer and advocate of this concept.

Unfortunately, the opposite of this concept is being implemented in almost every aspect of business and industry and is often unnecessary. There are even cases when it is done on purpose and some even make money on generating complexity. The problem is that complexity is often the cause of problems and has a huge cost of time, money, and other resources.

The purpose of this project is to highlight and reduce the use of unnecessary complexity. Reducing complexity will improve the quality of outcomes and reduce costs. This is a long term project and we urge you to return and monitor the site for future developments.